Show & Tell

Members bring stamps, album pages, covers, etc., and give a brief explanation of the usage or other pertinent information. The setting is very informal and completely voluntary. The idea is to educate members on a particular subject that they may or may not collect.

Stamp Bingo

Gary created Bingo Cards with stamps pictured on each card. The game is the same as normal Bingo but when the numbers are drawn they are call as the Country listed on the Bingo Card. For example B14 in normal Bingo would be called as Brazil 14. This is a "stamp variation" on the traditional Bingo game and stamp related prizes are given to the winners.

Mixture Night

One of the popular features of the meetings is to comb through stamp mixtures looking for that stamp needed to fill an open space in the member's album. Many times mixtures are available for 3 cents per stamp and up. Some members look for interesting postmarks as well.

Club Auctions

Several times a year we have club auctions where members bring their duplicates, mixture lots, old albums and what ever they have accumulated over the years. The minimum lot price is $ 3.00. Only members can sell in the auctions but anyone can buy. 10% of the proceeds go to the club.

Literature Night

The stamp collecting hobby is supported by numerous specialty publications written by collectors from around the world. Members are encouraged to bring and discuss books and publications providing information to all members.

Silent Auctions

Many meeting include a silent auction session where members may bring their duplicates to sell. There is no minimum. Typically these lots are priced under $ 5.00. 10% of the proceeds go to the club.

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